About Us

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

NUTRI-SPICES LLC, Organic Seasoning Company was founded with a simple mission: putting tasty natural (non-gmo) foods back into people’s lives. We are meant to have a deep connection with the Earth and the environment we create on it. Our passion is creating unique blends of tasty nutrient dense seasonings that simulate the body and mind, rich in nutrients and low in sodium. We love how a healthy body and mind affect the world we live in. Our way of making a better world for future generation is us bringing good eating standards back to America while bringing top quality seasonings to our consumers. It’s not just “about us”; it’s about you, our planet and how we treat our bodies.

Pure Body Awareness Co, Parent Company of Nutri-Spices LLC


Eat Right and Workout

Instead of living with the purpose of consuming live with the purpose of evolving

Pure Body Awareness created for those seeking a network that can
strengthen their ability to succeed in achieving overall good health.
Healthier Bodies and Minds = Healthier World.

Know your

Working out and eating right will keep you in touch with your true self. Don't let the financial world consume your thoughts and overwhelm your body.

Motivation is Key

Some people do very well achieving their fitness goals alone, some may need a little extra motivation. Workout with a friend and stay committed.

Stay Hydrated

Your brain needs water to maintain its electrical charge, and your body needs your brain to function, stay hydrated.

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